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Why LED Parking Lot Lighting is Essential for your Business

LED parking lot lighting is a term that is used to denote outdoor lighting using LED technology or light emitting diode. The LED parking lot lights and fixtures are located in parking lots, driveways and pathways and are normally mounted on poles. This kind of outdoor lighting is used to provide ample illumination for both vehicles and pedestrian use, with the most frequent attribute that the LED parking lot lights are mounted and it is quite normal to see multiple LED lamp fixtures on a single pole.

Many parking lots today still use high intensity discharge or HID lighting fixtures that are outdated, inefficient and very expensive to maintain. These light fixtures include metal halide, high-pressure sodium and if quite old, the mercury vapor bulbs. If you are still using these light sources then it may be time for you to apply LED parking light conversion in order to enjoy the many benefits leds offer not just for the business but also to the energy efficiency, aesthetics and for the environment.

LED Lighting is Good for Business

LED parking lot area lights replacement is good for business. Why? A lot of thought and effort went into maintaining your business establishment and also keeping it at par with industry standards as well as the expectation of your customers. It is also important to note that the extended space property known as the parking lot is also very important. Good outdoor LED parking lot lighting is one area that can tell a lot how an business owner takes care of his customers and employees. Not only are outdoor LED parking lot lights and fixtures beautiful from an aesthetic standpoint, they more importantly provide ample lighting necessary for the space.

Prevents Accidents in the Parking Area

LED parking lot conversion from HID and old mercury vapor bulbs and fixtures has prevented accidents in the parking area of many establishments and businesses. LED parking lot lighting allows solid light that prevents accidental tripping over something or hitting another vehicle or pedestrian. People will feel generally safe when they notice that the light in the  outdoor parking area is adequate and that is good for your business.

New LED parking lot lighting installed and serviced by Total Lighting of Minneapolis

Keeps Visitors and Vehicles Safe

If your parking lot area is dimly lit it can reflect poorly on you and your business, as people will see this as a sign of poor upkeep and maintenance. They will also feel less safe and secure in a dark parking space. You can easily solve this by installing bright LED parking lot lighting bulbs and fixtures.

HID Lamps Versus LED Parking Lot Lights

Bright HID light bulbs contains an inert gas within its glass casing while LEDs are known as solid-state tech. HID light bulbs and fixtures produce a lot of heat and most of the emissions created are in the IR and UV spectrum. LED light bulbs emit across a small section of the visible light spectrum and do not waste energy by producing waste heat or invisible electromagnetic radiation.

While HID lights are very efficient when measured at the lumens or source it does not however take into consideration the amount of light that actually goes to the intended area. This is known as system efficiency.  There are a lot of factors that affect this such as losses due to trapped light, protective covers and varying operating temperatures including losses because of power conversion. High quality LED parking lot pole lighting features 50% source efficiency compared to 25% for HID lamps. You get more effective lighting when you switch to LED parking lot light conversion.

With LED parking lot lighting you do not get issues such as repetitive maintenance and replacement costs both in parts and in labor. HID light bulbs have a shorter life expectancy compared to LED parking lot lights.  On top of that you do not get any potentially hazardous waste material like mercury and dangerous emissions from LED parking lot lighting, as it is not prone to getting the light bulb broken or its casings subject to some type of operational failure. High quality LED lighting does not also require warm-up times or the inability to dim effectively when needed.

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    Excellent Energy Savings

    What business does not want to save on energy? With LED parking lot lights replacement you can enjoy as much as 40-60% reduction on energy consumption. The common wattages for mounted LED parking lot pole lights range from 40w-600w. You can potentially save as much as $300 per light fixture annually in energy bills.  There are even some state-of-the-art LED parking lot light pole fixtures that use motion detectors and only use maximum brightness when there are cars and people nearby.

    Low Maintenance Cost & Long Lasting

    Due to the way that high quality LEDs create light, the means by which they progress through their functional life is also different. High quality LED parking lot lights degrade slowly over time as opposed to simply burning out once the source degrades or is consumed.  This results to a functional life of over 100,000 hours. LED parking lot lighting lasts significantly longer than your typical HID lamp pole. This of course lowers your maintenance and labor costs for replacement. There is no need to replace a LED fixture in your parking lot for a very long time.  On average LED parking lot lights remain in service approximately seven or eight times as long as a metal halide lamp. LEDs are more economical as you do not have to replace them often. It simply makes real sense to apply LED parking lot light conversion for your parking area.

    Lesser Impact on the Environment

    LED parking lot lighting does not create a lot of harm to the environment. Apart from the huge energy savings, its long life span limits material waste that is produced. Compare that to other light sources like HID and fluorescent lighting, LEDs do not contain dangerous chemicals like mercury and they produce a fraction of the heat produced by other lighting technologies.

    Cheaper Now Than Ever Before

    Due to innovations in LED lighting technology, manufacturers prices of LED parking lot lights have gone down in recent years. This makes it more affordable for businesses to consider LED parking lot lights replacement. There are also various subsidies available for businesses willing to make the switch such as incentives from utility companies to parking lot owners that adopt the LED technology. There are some cases wherein the rebate can cut the initial cost of LED parking lot conversion by almost one third. This means that adopting the technology can easily pay for itself in terms of maintenance and energy savings.

    Looking for a special light bulb, LED info, parking lot maintenance, something else?