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Industrial LED Lighting Solutions – Changing the Way Warehouses and Manufacturing Plants are Lit

In the race to curb cost and increase energy efficiency, businesses today are under a lot of pressure to shift to a more reliable lighting technology. This is the main reason why industrial LED lighting has become the favorite lighting technology for industrial operations.  Many if not most facilities feature high ceilings in order to accommodate overhead cranes or high stacking shelving units or manufacturing equipment or processes at high levels such as typically seen in a stamping plant. For ordinary conventional indoor lighting it is impossible to hang a lamp every 20 feet or so as not only is this inefficient it is also expensive energy-wise. Industrial LED Lighting example in a barnIndustrial LED lighting offers warehouses and other industries the best lighting option. As a matter of fact, industrial LED lighting has outperformed other commercial indoor and outdoor products and technologies in terms of energy consumption, maintenance costs and lighting quality. Industrial led lights offer a plethora of different applications but it performs exceptionally well for parking lots, warehouses, parking garages and manufacturing plants.  Here are some reasons why industrial led lights and fixtures are changing the way warehouses and manufacturing plants are lit.

Industrial LED Lights Versus CFLs

Before the era of high intensity led products, fluorescent lights were mostly used for commercial and industrial operations such as in outdoor parking area lighting, offices and warehouses and such. They were known as CFLs or compact fluorescent light and they are available in tubes at about 48 to 84 inches in length, which makes them good candidates for industrial operations like warehouse manufacturing and parking  area lighting solutions. However, these products contain mercury, a toxic chemical and their performance degrades more frequently when they are turned on and off.  They also have a short lifespan at around 10,000 hours which means warehouses need to have a steady stock for replacing old, damaged and worn-out bulbs. Fluorescent lights are also omnidirectional which means they produce light 360 degrees. This is considered an inefficient way to light an area, as at least half of the light requires to be reflected and redirected to the desired space. This also means that more accessories are needed to light the fixture itself in order to focus the light output, thereby increasing the cost of operating the fixtures.

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    Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

    LED or light emitting diode is an electrical device that features 2 electrodes through which the electricity flows. It offers many great advantages compared to other lighting solutions namely:

    Lower Energy Consumption

    Industrial LED lights consume a fraction of the energy needed by other outdoor commercial lighting solutions such as CFLs fluorescent and incandescent lighting products.  These technologies use gas or other fuel source, which means you get a higher energy consumption. Industrial led lighting fixtures utilize semiconductors in order to produce light, which essentially means that it is only the electrical current that causes the light to be produced. Industrial led lights and fixtures beat out other technologies on efficiency because the emitted light is directed on where you want it to be. Compare that to fluorescent lighting, which is omnidirectional and requires housings or fixtures to direct light when necessary.  Too much energy is wasted because of unusable light emissions.

    Low Maintenance Costs

    While initially, led lighting fixtures cost more to install, as the typical upfront costs of completing an LED product retrofit will tell you, in the long run you will save more money compared to just sticking it out with old and outdated lighting technology.  Many industrial led lights and fixtures offer four to forty times more useful product life compared to other lighting technologies like fluorescent and incandescent lighting.  This means your factory or warehouse will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in product replacement, labor and maintenance costs. Consider all the bulbs in your warehouse facility not requiring any replacement for at least 15 years. Also from an environmental standpoint, the shift from gas-discharge bulbs to industrial led lights can help eliminate waste-disposal issues.

    Looking for a special light bulb, LED info, parking lot maintenance, something else?