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LED Lamps for Your Business

4 ft LED T8 Lamps in 3 versions and Wattages for Your Lighting Needs

Direct Power – No ballast needed, very simple and efficient

Ballast Compatible – Just pop it in and get LED light and energy savings with existing ballast

Hybrid – Works with or without a ballast


We break cases and have NO minimums!!!

Dimmable LED V2 & V3

With most governments making a strong push to make incandescent light bulbs illegal now is the right time to make your move to LED lamps. The Superior Life® LEDs last up to 20 times longer than incandescent and halogen lamps and are 80% more energy efficient. Not only are the Superior Life® LEDs much more energy efficient lamps, but they are also the most reliable LEDs available.


Two LED Can Lights carried by Total Lighting in MinneapolisThe Superior Life® Aluminum Reflector LED PAR (ALUMA-PAR™) is an efficient way to light sockets once traditionally reserved for incandescents. They consume up to 80% less energy, thereby significantly reducing operating costs. The lightweight aluminum reflector assists in heat distribution which prolongs lamp life, reduces color shift, and improves lumen maintenance in open and recessed fixtures. The warm tone and stipple textured lens provide bright, even light distribution.

PAR 30 8-10w

PAR 38 12-25w   + the New High Output

  • NO UV

LED 360

Different versions on LED lamps carried by Total LightingThe Superior Life® LED lamp is an efficient way to light sockets once traditionally reserved for incandescents and linear fluorescent tubes. They consume up to 80% less energy, thereby significantly reducing operating costs. The superior life hours of this lamp make it ideal for hard to reach places, reducing maintenance.

  • G24 and Medium base
  • 6w-10w

TCP helps redefine the LED market with our new Elite Series LEDs…

Available in Dimming and Non-Dimming

  • Unprecedented Performance and Better Efficacy:
  • Uses less watts, provides same great lumen output.
  • Up to 20% improved efficiency over previous generation LEDs.
  • Up to 85% energy savings over incandescent lamps
  • Excellent light distribution
  • High color rendering index (CRI)
  • Smooth uniform dimming

Lighting the Way with LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulb products are all the rage these days due to the many benefits they offer to commercial, residential and industrial establishments.  LED means light emitting diode and it is the relatively new and very cost effective means of lighting the world around us. Several years ago, LED bulbs was introduced to the market but they were still quite expensive and did not offer enough lighting to make the cost worthwhile. However, advances in energy saving LEDs technology have allowed LED light bulbs to evolve and even surpassed all expectations.  LED bulbs today have even eclipsed other more established lighting technologies such as CFLs or fluorescent lights and incandescent lights solutions.  LED light bulbs cost has gone down and the bulb is emitting enough illumination to compete with other lighting technologies.


In 1962 a GE engineer by the name of Nick Holonyak Jr. developed the first visible (red) LED. However, it was not until 1976 that TP Pearsall invented the first high brightness LED for use in fiber optic telecommunications. The discovery of blue LED has led to a more effective means of creating white light but the first prototypes were very expensive and not suitable for commercial applications.  Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura, received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2014 for their work on combining blue, red and green LEDs that can produce any color of light. This development led to the production of the next generation of LED light bulbs that can create a decent amount of light and a longer shelf life compared to conventional incandescent lamps.

How LED Lamps Work

An LED bulb works differently compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting technology. LED light bulbs or LED is an acronym that stands for light emitting diode. This is a semi-conductor that lights up whenever electrical current passes through it. In the past, incandescent lights used a coiled filament that heated and glowed when an electrical current passes through it. The problem with this is that it wasted a lot of energy and also had a very short working life. Energy saving LED light bulbs can run for at least 50,000 hours. LED products usually use a semi-conductor called aluminum gallium arsenide. The material undergoes a process called doping wherein impurities are added to it so as to make it more efficient and conductive. In its pure form the aluminum gallium arsenide is a poor conductor but if treated, added electrons are infused to make it work better as a conductor.

Types of LED Light Bulbs

E27 (Edison Screw)

Shop for energy efficient E27 LED bulb products, as these are by far the most popular around. They are used widely in the US and Europe and all over the world. The bulb measures 27mm, about the same size as a halogen or incandescent e27, which makes them ideal to use on your lamps that feature an e27 fitting.

E14 (Small Edison Screw)

The screw on E14 LED bulbs is the same as what you can find in E27 LED’s except it is smaller measuring just 14 mm in diameter. You can find these LED light bulbs used in small fittings usually for decorative or for purely practical purposes such as in chandeliers and appliances.

B22 Bayonet

You can also shop for the new B22 LED bulbs or bayonet LED’s fitting measures 22 mm in diameter and is often seen hidden behind lamps and lamp shades.

B15 (Small Bayonet)

A smaller version to the large B22, B15 LED products measures just 15 mm in diameter for purposes of accommodating smaller fittings.


R50 led light bulbs are also known as reflector bulbs and feature an E14 Edison screw fitting but are shaped differently at the top portion. Shop for this new product if you want to accommodate varying lighting fixtures and applications.


Known as the reflector bulb, it features a protruding bulb cap that can accommodate different lighting fixtures. An added bonus is it still has a standard E27 base fitting.


The PAR38 are led light bulbs that offer a lot of brightness (lumens). It features a screw fitting that is most commonly seen in workshops, security and commercial lighting applications.

LED Smart Bulbs

The development of LED light bulbs that feature “smart” technology offers a very convenient, efficient and versatile means of letting users remotely manage and control lighting via voice-control or from a mobile- device.  The Philips Smart Bulb System lets you control up to 50 LED bulbs from the relative comfort of your mobile device or if you prefer a voice command system like Amazon Echo.  The technology is efficient as it lets you switch LED light bulbs on and off remotely and from anywhere on the planet, select from 16 million shades of white light to set the mood from different rooms within your home, let you dim the lights at your leisure to create the perfect ambience and set up motion sensor systems to let you save more on energy bills each month.

We sell and install a wide variety of LED lights in these areas:

Apple Valley, Bloomington, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Burnsville, Champlin, Cottage Grove, Crystal, Eagan, Eden Prairie, Farmington, Hastings, Inver Grove Heights,  Lakeville, Lake Elmo, Lakeland, Maplewood,  Minnetonka, Mendota Heights, Maple Grove, Minneapolis, Newport, Northfield, North St Paul ,Oakdale, Plymouth, Robbinsdale,  Roseville,  Rosemount,  Stillwater, St Paul, Saint Paul, South St Paul, Shoreview, St. Paul Park, West St Paul, White Bear Lake, Woodbury, Vadnais Heights, western Wisconsin cities like Hudson, the southern metro area and suburbs all over the Twin Cities.  Now expanding to Rochester, Duluth, St. Cloud, and the Iron Range cities.




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