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Enjoying Future Light Technology with LED Lighting

LED lighting products can illuminate an area roughly 90% more efficiently than conventional fluorescent and incandescent bulb technology.  LED lights function by passing an electrical current via a microchip that lights the small light sources and the end result is visible light. LED lighting fixtures also produce less heat and therefore better performance, the heat that is produced is simply absorbed in the heat sink.  Energy efficient leds offer superior performance for a wide variety of applications from residential, commercial to industrial.  Due to their innate dependability, amazing lighting ability and superior energy efficiency qualities they are increasingly becoming the standard lighting technology in the world today.

Long Useful Life of LED Bulbs

LED lamps offer a vastly greater useful lifespan compared to other light sources like compact fluorescent lighting also known as CFLs and old incandescent light bulbs. |Energy efficient LED bulbs typically do not suffer the same burnout or fail that other light sources are prone to with frequent usage What you can expect is something called lumen depreciation where the brightness of the LED lighting fixtures begin to dim slowly over time. The LED bulbs lifetime is determined on a prediction wherein the light output decreases by 30%.

Lighting Applications

Energy efficient LED lights are integrated into bulbs and fixtures for general lighting uses. Tiny in size, LED lamps offers unique design possibilities. Some LEDs lighting products are made to look like conventional light bulbs but can provide optimum performance and dependability than the conventional incandescent lamps.  There are some bulb fixtures that have LEDs built in as a permanent light source. You can also discover hybrid leds design wherein a non-conventional “bulb” ore replaceable light source design is implemented for a unique fixture. LED lighting products offer tremendous prospect for lighting innovation and can provide a wider scope of applications not seen or appreciated in conventional lighting products.

Heat Management

LED lamps utilize heat sinks in order to absorb the heat that is produced. This heat is dissipated into the surrounding environment as a result. The proper heat management of LED lights prevents it from overheating and eventually burning out. This efficient thermal management in LED lighting fixtures is generally considered to be the most important factor for the successful performance of an LED over its lifespan. The greater the temperature at which the LEDs are used, the quicker the light will degrade over a period of time.

LED lights are equipped with a variety of unique heat sink designs and configurations to efficiently manage the heat produced.  Advances in LED lamps technology today have led to the creation of unique energy efficient LED light bulbs that mimic the shape and sizes of conventional incandescent bulbs.

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    Types of LEDs Lighting Fixtures

    Architectural LED Lighting

    The three most common architectural LEDs are the valance, soffit and cove. All of these are designed to integrate into the structure of the room.  Valance led lights are located in either a glass, metal or wood valance (horizontal shield) that is mounted above a window or perched high on the wall. The light bounces both ways upward and downward directions. The method of bouncing LED lights off the wall and ceilings is called the indirect lighting approach.  This is used by a lot of lighting professionals as the method produces less glare and shadows and therefore contribute to better energy efficiency. Soffit LEDs are located in a soffit or cornice near the ceiling and the light radiates downward resulting in the wall a washed with light. Cove LED lighting fixtures are located on a ledge, recess or shelf high up on a wall and the light is simply bounced towards the direction of the ceiling or upper wall.

    Recessed LED Lighting

    Recessed LED lighting fixtures are installed above the ceiling. This features an opening that is flush with the ceiling. Recessed LED lights require at least 6 inches of clearance above the ceiling and insulation is necessary in order to prevent condensation from dripping into the fixture. Recessed LED lighting is unique as it sends a relatively narrow band of light in one direction and is generally used to provide ambient, task or accent lighting.

    Track LED Lights

    The LED lighting fixtures are mounted or suspended from the ceiling. The lighting features a linear housing that contains several head that may be positioned anywhere along a track; the direction of the heads is likewise adjustable too. Track LED lights are often used for accent or task lighting applications.

    Undercabinet LED Lights

    These are mounted beneath kitchen cabinets and may be linear or a single puck-shaped fixture. Undercabinet LED lighting fixtures are quite popular for task lighting in a kitchen setup.

    Pendant LED Light

    They are suspended from the ceiling; a pendant LED light directs light down over a table or a kitchen island. Pendant LED lights can easily enhance the décor of any room. They are perfect for ambient or task lighting applications.


    Chandeliers may use LED lights to direct the light emitted upward over a table or a room. They can easily enhance the decorative style of any space and are perfect for ambient lighting uses.


    This kind of LED lighting fixture is directly mounted to the ceiling and features a glass or plastic shade that serves to conceal the LED light bulb. Ceiling LED lighting fixtures are quite common now in many modern homes where emphasis on energy efficiency and green products take priority. The light emitted can easily provide all the necessary ambient light for a particular space.

    Wall Sconces

    These are surface mounted to the wall, the sconces can direct light upwards and downwards and their covers or shades can add a stylistic flair to any space. Wall sconces are perfect for task or ambient lighting purposes.

    Desk, Floor and Table Lamps

    Energy saving LED lamps can be seen in a variety of desk, floor and table lamp designs. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes and are extremely versatile and portable light sources for any room. Most of the light produced are of course directed in a downward manner, with the torchiere as the exception as the floor lamp directs its light upwards. The LED lamps are most often used for task lighting purposes such as reading but may also serve ambient lighting purposes as well.

    Looking for a special light bulb, LED info, parking lot maintenance, something else?